South Ring Studio Protocol

Unit 2, South Ring Business Park (opposite Smyths Toys), Kinsale Road, Cork.

      Please familiarise yourself with the guidelines pertaining to our flagship studio.

  • NOLAN STUDIO. (First floor at the front of the building) Students attending class should enter through the door near the gents toilet and exit through the door at the top of the stairs.
  • FOSSE STUDIO. (First floor at the back of the building) Students attending class should enter through door by the prop room and exit through the door by the fire escape. 
  • SONDHEIM STUDIO. (Ground floor) Students attending class should enter through the door by the toilet at the rear of the building and exit through the door by the second costume room.
  • All primary drama students are required to bring a copybook, folder and pencil to class.
  • For dance and musical theatre classes the uniform and appropriate dance shoes must be worn at all times. No exceptions will be made.
  • Mini Montforts and Primary dance students please arrive in uniform. 
  • Toilets are located on both floors. For mini Montfort and primary chirldren we suggest you bring your child to the toilet before the class commences. 
  • For drama students soft sole shoes must be worn in class at all times. All three studios are fitted with Harlequin dance floors and as a result are only suitable for soft shoes.
  • No student is permitted in a studio without a teacher present.
  • No exit / entry through the emergency door at the front or rear of the building. Both are alarmed and are for emergencies only.
  • All access to the building is through the main door and then through the door leading off reception. Key code access is necessary to enter the building. Both doors must be kept closed at all times.
  • Male and female toilets are located on the first floor. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor and also a unisex single cubicle toilet. Toilet facilities are for the sole use of our students and staff only. 
  • For the protection of staff and students CCTV is in operation in all three studios; Nolan, Fosse and Sondheim. In addition CCTV is in operation in all vocals studio, all public corridors and outside the front of the building and to the rear.
  • No loitering on the premises. Please arrive to class 5-10 minutes prior to the commencement of class and please leave the building once your class has concluded.
  • No hot food or hot drinks are permitted in the studio. Hot drinks and hot food is only allowed for show rehearsals.
  • The kitchen area is off limits to all students.
  • For safety reasons no student is permitted to sit on the window sill in the Nolan and Fosse studios.
  • Parents / guardians are not permitted beyond the reception area. 
  • The pianos in each studio are for the sole use of the teacher only.
  • We cannot stress enough to parents, guardians and students that the road just outside the studio is very busy and very dangerous. Cars round the corner at high speed and the ambulance service is also based in the business park. Please ensure your child is collected from outside the door and walked by an adult to their car.
  • Procedures For Dropping and Collection of students in the South Ring studio. 

    Please park in the designated parking zones only. 
    We have been advised by the park management that no car should pull up or stop on the road just outside of the studio entrance. Please park in the designated areas and accompany your child to the reception area of the studio.
  • MINI MONTFORTS and any other student 3-6 yrs of age will be collected in reception by the teacher or assistant.
  • PRIMARY STUDENTS will be collected from reception for the first 3 weeks of class, after that students can make their own way to class. 
  • SECONDARY STUDENTS make their own to way class. 
    All mini Montforts and primary students must be collected by a parent or guardian from the side door of the studio. Again there is a heavy flow of traffic in the park and some cars come speeding round the corner. The safety of our students is our highest priority - we cannot stress enough that you MUST collect your son / daughter from the reception area or outside the main door. Please do not allow them to cross the road unattended. Once again the traffic will increase significantly in the lead up to Christmas. 
    Please ensure that on entering and leaving the premises that the front door and the inside door is always closed behind you. 
    With the exception of the mini Montforts no parent / guardian is permitted past the reception area. Please wait for your child in the reception area. 
  • Please note that after week 2 of classes no parent / guardian dropping or collecting their child will be allowed beyond the reception area. This is in line with our Child Protection Policy. Toilet facilities are for the sole use of our students and staff only.