Primary Dance (7 - 11 yrs)

Our primary dance classes will focus on students from the ages of 7 - 11 years. Classes are dynamic, adrenaline driven and offer training in many of the essential modern, jazz and contemporary dance styles.  

This one hour dance class will consist of cardio vascular warm-ups and stretches, technique, cross the floor work, contact improvisation, creativity games (for the younger students) and fun routines. The dance class will focus on body and posture, strengthening skills and exam based syllabus exercises and techniques. Students will learn how to use their body in a fluid and energetic way. Classes are always fun and high energy. Throughout the term there will be new routines and new dance skills to be learned. 

Our teachers are dedicated to bringing out the best in every student. Whether the aim is to improve co-ordination, to gain confidence and poise, to get fit through the joy of movement or to train for a profressional career in dance every student is important regardless of ability. The acheivement is participation in the wonderful world of dance.

Twice a year the primary dance students will have the opportunity to perform on stage! Firstly in our annual pantomime in the Firkin Crane Theatre - each group will perform two routines, and then on the BIG STAGE of the Cork Opera House in our end of year show - 'Applause 2018' which is compulsory for all students. In addition students who have attended dance class for one year or more, and who are 10 years and over can audition for our annual musical in the Everyman Theatre and our annual pantomime in the Firkin Crane Theatre.   

Attire: Each class runs for 1 hour and the mandatory uniform of leotard, ballet shoes and tights are compulsory. No student will be allowed participate in class without the required uniform.

I.D.T.A. Examinations      

WE offer dance exams across the college. These examinations are optional but are recommended for all students in order to develop their dancing skills.      

Rosette Awards

These awards are introductory level dance examinations.  Rosettes are fun awards suitable for children aged 7 - 8 years and a stepping stone to the graded system.  The awards develops basic movement skills, musical awareness, expression and creativity. Themed classes encourage class participation, focus and confidence.

Preparatory, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2 Exams

Average age of completion: 12 years.

Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF): (Grades 1-2 - level 1 QCF)

Preparatory to grade 2 examinations are the foundation level of the graded system.  Students devlop and are examined on musicality, performance skill, and technique.