Performance Class

The performance dance classes are geared towards students who just want to dance!! The emphasis will be on commercial and lyrical dance.

Commercial refers to dancing performed in concerts, music videos, live shows, movies and of course commercials. The class will incorporate many different styles of dance into the commercial category, such as hip hop, jazz, locking, popping, breakdancing, krumping, and more. Commercial dance is super fun and super entertaining. Commercial dance is also a great skill for hopeful dancing professionals. 

Lyrical dance will challenge you to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. A lyrical dancer's movements attempt to show the meaning of the music. Lyrical jazz is a very passionate and emotional dance style. It portrays certain emotions such as love, and tells a story through every movement made.It is mainly performed to music with lyrics, and the song's lyrics are a driving force and key inspiration for the movement. Choreography is often emotional, gripping, and exquisitely delicate, all at the same time.

Classes are available in the South Ring Business Park studio on Thursdays only


PERFORMANCE DANCE (9-11 yrs) 4:30-5:30

PERFORMANCE DANCE (12-13 yrs) 5:30-6:30

PERFORMANCE DANCE (14-15 yrs) 6:30-7:30

PERFORMANCE DANCE (16 yrs+) 7:30-8:30