Ballet Class

Ballet is a beautiful art form, both breathtaking to watch and wonderful to perform. Children are drawn to the world of ballet  because of the magic and excitement it portrays. They then find that it also opens up a whole new world of physical and creative activity that gives hours of enjoyment. Let your child enter a magical world of dance, butterflys, tippy toes & giggles!

Our classes are based on ballet technique that is suitable for children from 3 yrs upwards. Our classes develop muscles, minds, technique and discipline. Basic terminology and steps are presented and incorporated into creative and fun choreography.

The safe and supportive studio environment allows children to learn early social skills, to cultivate their imagination and develop cognitive thinking routines. The physical activity throughout every class promotes a healthy lifestyle and builds confidence and strength in young bodies. All classes are available in the South Ring Business Park studio only.

Our classes run on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 


MINI MONTFORTS BALLET (3 - 6 yrs) 3:30-4:30

PRIMARY BALLET - PREPARATORY (7 - 10 yrs) 4:30-5:30

PRIMARY BALLET (11- 12 yrs & Grade 1) 6:30-7:30

SECONDARY BALLET (Grade 3 & Grade 4) 7:30-8:30


SECONDARY BALLET (Grade 2 - 5)  6.30 - 7.30 


SECONDARY BALLET (Grade 2 & 3) 4.30 - 5.30 

SECONDARY BALLET (Grade 4) 6.30 - 7.30 


Ballet Classes 3 - 6 yrs

Your child will enter the magical world of dance and will be introduced to basic ballet technique through jumping, swaying, galloping and swaying whilst encouraging their confidence as they twirl around with joy. Children also discover they can tell a story and show emotion through dance, music and their own imaginations. Your childrens' imagination is a key ingredient in our classes, we also use props and age appropriate songs. The main aim of the class is to encourage children to learn basic technique, follow instruction, and foster their imagination.

Ballet Classes 7 - 9 yrs 

This class is a progression from the 3 - 6 year old classes. In this class the children will begin exam work and using the barre. The focus in this class will also be on fun but there will be a more traditional setting and focus on more advanced steps and amalgamation work.

Students will learn set choreographic rountines and how to hear and respond to music in a rhythmic and organic way. Students will also learn how to dance and interact with partners, space, and movement patterns.

Ballet Classes 10 years and upwards 

These ballet classes are ideal for developing skills in a positive environment. Practice the fundamentals of ballet and gain flexibility and strength in an enjoyable atmosphere. Our classes consist of longer combinations, travelling steps across the floor, faster tempi and change of directions. Gain flexibility, strength, and stamina while practicing an extended repertoire of ballet steps.


Pointe Class

The Pointe Class is geared towards students who are currently en pointe and also those who do ballet in the school and are 13 years upwards. Those who are not yet en pointe will benefit from this class by doing the same exercises to build strength in their ankles and feet to work towards getting their first pair of pointe shoes. 

Confidence and strength are key. To be able to support yourself en pointe, you need strong feet and ankles. 

In the class students will be shown how to prepare their pointe shoes, learn about the different muscles in the feet that are used for pointe work so they can dance safely.

The class will include foot and ankle warm up exercises, barre work and as people progress, into centre work.

If joining the class please remember everyone is different and will be worked to their own ability, being en pointe doesn't just happen over night. 

** If your child isn’t on pointe yet please do not buy the shoes until Miss Sarah has had a chance to work with them and discuss their progress.

IDTA Dance Examinations

WE offer dance exams across the college. These examinations are optional but are recommended for all students in order to develop their dancing skills.  Students who do not take exams will still learn the course work thus aiding their developement as a dancer.    

Rosette Awards

These awards are introductory level dance examinations.  Rosettes are fun awards suitable for children aged 3-8 years and a stepping stone to the graded system.  The awards develops basic movement skills, musical awareness, expression and creativity. Themed classes encourage class participation, focus and confidence.

Preparatory, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2 Exams

Average age of completion: 12 years.

Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF): (Grades 1-2 - level 1 QCF)

Preparatory to grade 2 examinations are the foundation level of the graded system.  Students devlop and are examined on musicality, performance skill, and technique.

Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 Exams

Average age of completion: 15 years.

Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF): (Grade 3 - level 1 QCF, Grades 4-5 - level 2 QCF)

Grades 3 to 5 examinations are the progression from foundation level to an in-depth study of dance, developing technique, musicality and performance skills. These grades are also appropriate for the serious dancer preparing students for a career in dance.