Junior Drama (4-6 yrs)

Our junior drama classes are geared towards children between the ages of 4 - 6 yrs and encourage creativity and confidence building.

A typical class would be structured in the following way.

Warm Up Games
The warm-up activity loosens muscles and begins to engage imaginations. It is also a great way to initiate interaction between the students. Games include; 'Simon Says', 'Party of Emotions', 'Animal Movements', ‘What are you doing?’, 'Pirates', ''Family Reunion', 'Dragged by a string', 'Freeze', Imagination': 'You’re on a hot beach/cold place/walking through sticky web/jungle etc.

News Talk
Each child will get the opportunity to stand up and tell their news to the class.

Vocal Work
Our teachers work on a variety of exercises for developing speech and vocal work such tongue twisters, breathing exercises, jaw and tongue exercises, pronunciation work and exercises to enhance vocal colouring. Visual, animated handouts on these exercises are regularly distributed.

Drama Games
A wide variety of drama games are explored with our students to develop imagination and creativity.

This is where the real fun and magic happens! Children love nothing more than to perform so we work regularly on scripts, fairytales, myths and legends where the students perform!

At end of the year parents have an opportunity to visit the class and watch the students perform.