Singing Exams

We offer optional singing exams with the London College of Music.

External examinations have been awarded by the London College of Music since the institution’s founding in 1887. Today, examinations are held throughout the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and at many overseas centres, and are unique in the graded examinations world in being awarded by a university.

LCM’s graded and diploma examinations in most subjects are accredited by Ofqual (formerly the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, QCA), which serves as a UK governmental stamp of approval and quality assurance, confirming parity of standards with other similar examinations boards. Furthermore, the resulting mapping of LCM Examinations onto the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) means that candidates applying to UK universities through the UCAS system can increase their points tariff if they have been awarded a Pass or higher at Grades 6-8 in an accredited subject.

LCM Examinations are distinctive, both in the qualifications offered and in the administration and running of the exams. We have retained the well-known traditional atmosphere and qualities of the London College of Music: informality, friendliness and approachability, although set in a fully professional and modern context. We are small enough that enquiries to the head office can be dealt with speedily and efficiently, and we are able to get to know many of our representatives and teachers personally by name. Examiners pride themselves on being friendly and approachable, ensuring candidates are put at their ease and are thus able to perform to their full potential; yet they are professional, applying thorough and objective assessment criteria in forming their judgements.

Syllabus aims

A course of study based on LCM’s graded and diploma syllabuses is intended to provide:

  • a progressive and unified assessment system, enabling candidates to plan and obtain an effective education in and through the arts;
  • skills of organisation, planning, problem-solving and communication, through the study of the arts in performance and theory;
  • enhanced ability in acquiring the personal disciplines and motivation necessary for life-long learning;
  • an enduring love, enjoyment and understanding of the performing arts, from the perspective of both participants and audience;
  • an assessment system equipping candidates with added-value to enhance career routes, educational opportunities and decision-making.

Syllabus objectives

A course of study based on this syllabus is intended to provide:

  • a balanced combination of performing skills and the supporting knowledge and understanding; opportunities for learning and assessment that are both creatively challenging and technologically relevant;
  • opportunities for mastery learning that are structured and directly related to the repertoire published for each grade;
  • candidates with the basis for study and practice to develop relevant and usable skills and concepts.