Latest Update from Montforts

07 April, 2020

Dear parents & guardians, 

Yesterday was our first day of online classes! We ran 6 classes and 255 students who were full of energy and enthusiasm attended. As stated in a previous email, students can do as many classes as they wish in all disciplines offered as long as they are the appropriate age for the class. 

Again I want to thank you for embracing this new method of teaching. We want to do what’s right by your children and ensure that they have a sense of belonging and unity, even virtually, in these uncertain times. 

Despite a strong, positive reaction to our recent poll for online classes and being cognizant of the changes in all our lives we would like to transfer all remaining fees to the terms ahead commencing this September.  

Students who attended class up to the 11th March have 7 weeks of credit. (3 weeks credit will be added in term 1 and 4 weeks in term 2) 

Students with classes from the 12th March have 8 weeks of credit. (4 weeks credit will be added in term 1 and 4 weeks in term 2) 

This applies to all classes across the school including one to one singing classes. Your teachers will be in touch regarding this week’s lessons. Lessons, as scheduled for today, will still go ahead. 

We will continue to offer the online classes free of charge for the next four weeks so that your children can still enjoy the benefits of being part of the Montfort family. These classes offer a huge benefit for your children both physically and mentally and for us, and of course you! 

As you can imagine and most likely sympathise with our school is still liable for rent and all other overheads from now until September. With our end of year show cancelled and the same potentially happening to our summer camps we face some challenges within the school from a cash flow perspective. If over the next few weeks your child has enjoyed the myriad of free online classes on offer and you feel you want to ‘donate’ some of your credits we would, of course, be incredibly grateful. It would certainly help our financial situation in the difficult months ahead. If you wish to ‘donate’ please email the office on and let us know how many credits to use i.e. ‘I donate 2 week’s credit’ etc. Please also state your CHILD’S NAME

In these unprecedented times, we are here to support each other as best we can. I hope you can appreciate our challenging position at this time and our efforts. If you find all of this to be satisfactory, thank you, and we look forward to continuing to enrich your children’s lives. 

I hope you all stay safe and well and again thank you for your goodwill and kindness in these turbulent times. 

Best Regards

Eileen Nolan and Trevor Ryan

Montfort College Of Performing Arts