Red Riding Hood auditions

01 November, 2016



This Christmas we are delighted to present our 25th annual pantomime 'Red Riding Hood' in the Firkin Crane from the 1st - 8th January 2017 for 14 performances only.

Auditions for ensemble dancer roles will take place on Saturday 5th November in Penrose Wharf.
10:00am – 12:00pm – Junior ensemble (9 – 12 years)
12:30pm – 2:30pm - Intermediate / Senior dancers (13 – 17 years)
You must be attending a dance or musical theatre class in order to qualify for an ensemble audition.
Principal Auditions (10 – 17 years)
Auditions for principal roles will take place on Sunday 6th November in Penrose Wharf from 10:00am - 2:00pm.
You must be attending a drama, singing or musical theatre class in order to qualify for a principal audition.
If you meet the requirements above in both categories you can audition for the ensemble and a principal role. We highly recommend this.

No prior preparation is required. You must attend in your dance attire.

Student can audition for a singing or non-singing role.
For those who wish to sing please prepare a verse and chorus from any Disney movie or any other musical theatre show. The song must be sung a cappella.
In addition please choose from the monologues below. The monologue must be learnt by heart. These are just a handful of the many characters that will feature in the story.

Red Riding Hood Monologues

RED (FEMALE): You won't believe what happened to me today! I was on my way to Grandmas house; when all of a sudden, a BIG - MEAN - UGLY - BAD WOLF jumped out onto the path right in front of me! I wasn't even scared though. Well, maybe a little. Anyway, in a rough voice, he asked me "Where are you going little girl and what's in that little basket of yours?" I told him that I was on my way to Grandma's house because she wasn't feeling very well and that I have soup and crackers in the basket that will make her feel better. Then I said good day to Mr. Wolf and started to walk away.

BLUE (FEMALE OR MALE) : Hello boys and girls! I said HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS! I’m gonna come back in, all casual like, and we’re gonna try this one more time… hello boys and girls! Nice one. My name is lil’ blue in da hood but all the boys round town just call me blue. Red is my best friend in the whole wide world. Trouble is, that’s all I am to her, and I’d give anything for her to be my ol’ doll.

BIG BAD WOLF (FEMALE OR MALE): I’m telling you, I was framed man. Why would a slick guy like myself go and blow down the house of two local guards? I mean, one of the houses was made of hay, and the other was made of sticks… I can see why the guards are going on strike. It just doesn’t make any sense, the only thing I’m guilty of stealing is the spotlight… and well a couple of girlfriends here and there but hehe, boys will be boys.

GRANNY (FEMALE OR MALE): Why hello there my little dearies. C’mere to me I’m sorry I’m late, I’m just back from the doctors and it didn’t go very well at all, at all, at all, he told me I was morbidly obese... I know, as if I don’t have enough on my plate. Tell me, have any of ye seen Little Red around, I’ve been looking for her all afternoon. She’s with Lil’ blue? The dirty looking eejit. The poor young fella’s had a rough life though, his dad died when he was only small. He fell into a vat of granulated coffee. At least it was instant.

SAUSAGE (FEMALE OR MALE): Sergeant Sausage reporting for duty. Now as you’ve all probably heard, the other night Officer Pudding and Officer Bacon’s houses were blown down. The Big Bad Wolf is our prime suspect and as a member of the local gardai I find it disgraceful that this wolf is being allowed to run rampant around our streets, blowing down houses and eating grannies. Jeez you can’t be doing that lads. So from now on there’s going to be a neighbourhood watch in place either myself, Officer Rasher, or Officer Pudding will be walking the beat so no one can get into any shenanigans, and if any of ye do, I personally guarantee you’ll never shenan-again.

BO PEEP (FEMALE) : Hello? Anyone? Oh this is hopeless… hey, maybe you can help me. You all know the story. “Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them” I know, I know you’ve heard it all before. But this time it’s really different, and with this pesky wolf around I’m just afraid that he might…oh it’s too awful to say, and they’ve never been gone this long before. You know what wolves are like when it comes to little lambs, I’ve got a baa-aa-aad feeling about all of this. Maybe it’s my own fault for being so forgetful; I have lost them 37 and a half times this year.

Please email to secure an audition slot. Please specify your name, age and one of the following; ENSEMBLE, PRINCIPAL or BOTH. You must be a register student with the Montfort College of Performing Arts in order to qualify.
The very best of luck!