Drama Workshop with Louis Lovett

17 October, 2013

How Do Actor's Play?

Date & Duration:  10th November & 90 mins
Capacity: Limited to 20 drama or musical theatre students

Joint Artistic Directors of Theatre Lovett, Louis Lovett and Muireann Ahern will take you through the actor’s journey on stage:
•      how to take hold of the moment you’re in
•      how to look forward to the moment coming next
•      and, most importantly, how to look back – to the moments of play that children understand, and that adults can remember and learn from.

In this workshop Louis will introduce you to his own unique style of performance – one that embraces the mischievous spirit of play.

Louis Lovett and Muireann Ahern are two of Ireland most experienced practitioners in Theatre for Young Audiences in Ireland. Louis has worked both on stage and screen (he is Killinaskully’s resident German cheese seller  - Dieter Langer!)

This workshop was shortlisted for the 2011 AOIFE awards (nominated by Roola Boola Festival, Linenhall).

Here is a clip of Louis at his finest! Click here

The cost is €20. Book now by emailing your name and age (minimum 10 yrs old) to trevor@montfortcollege.com