Fun Tap Dance Classes

16 September, 2013

Join our fun tap dance classes in Penrose Wharf

Tap dancing is practised all over the world for fun, fitness and entertainment.  In Montforts we do the same. This is the ideal class to improve your fitness while also learning a variety of tap dance steps. Our classes encompass elements of both street and Broadway Tap, with routines set to Broadway/Hollywood classics as well as current chart hits.

We offer two classes every Friday in Penrose Wharf.

Primary Tap (7 - 11 yrs)                   6.00 - 7.00   

Secondary  Tap (12 yrs upwards)   7.00 - 8.00

It is a ‘pay as you go’ class at just €8 per week. The first trial class is FREE! All you need to do is show up!