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IDTA Dance Exams

06 December, 2016

IDTA Dance Exams December 2016

Dear student and parents,

The IDTA Dance exams will take place from Thursday 15th December – Sunday 18th December 2016 at the Montfort studio located at 70 Penrose Wharf, Penrose Quay. Students need to be at the examination centre 20 mins prior to the exam time and can be collected 20 minutes after.

Dates and times for all exams can be found on below.
Dance attire is compulsory for all exams.

Rosette and Star Dance Award Exam Attire
Purple Leotard and Purple Skirt (we will provide the skirt if you don’t have one)
Black Tights
Black Ballet Shoes
Hair in Bun, if possible, if not to be tied up away from the face.

Theatre Craft Exam Attire
Purple Leotard
Purple Skirt (Preparatory and Primary only) (we will provide the skirt if you don’t have one)
Black Tights
Black Ballet Shoes or Black Spilt Sole Jazz Shoes
Hair in Bun, if possible, if not tied up away from the face.

Modern Jazz Grade Exams Attire
Black top/t-shirt or Black Leotard
Black footless tights
No Shoes
Hair in Bun, if possible, if not tied up away from the face.

Preparatory and Primary Tap Exam Attire
Purple Leotard and Purple Skirt (we will provide the skirt if you don’t have one)
Black Tights
Black Tap Shoes
Hair in Bun, if possible, if not tied up away from the face.

Grade 1-3 Tap Exam Attire
Black Leotard
Black Tights or Leggings
Black Tap Shoes
Hair in Bun, if possible, if not tied up away from the face.

Ballet Grades Exam Attire
Purple Leotard and Purple Skirt (Preparatory and Primary)
Black Leotard (Grade 1)
Pink Ballet Tights
Ballet Shoes
Hair in Bun

We would like to wish all students the very best of luck with their exams. Enjoy the experience and don’t forget to smile!

Thursday 15th December

Tap Grade 3 - 9.15-9.35 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Emily Compton

Turquoise Ballet Rosettes - 9.35-9.40 - Teacher Amanda McCarthy
Libby Casey
Ashling Kelly
Rosie Bennett
Caoilainn O’Donovan
Molly O’Connor
Ipsa Bastola
Claire Cusack
Emma O’Sullivan

Turquoise Ballet Rosettes - 9.40-9.45 - Teacher Amanda McCarthy
Rebecca O’Doherty
Sophia Dunscombe
Maja Czarnecki
Lara Kralj
Lucy O’Brien

Turquoise Ballet Rosettes - 9.45-9.50 - Teacher Amanda McCarthy
Abbigail O’Neill
Kiersten O’Neill
Amelie Drumm
Lucie O’Connor Rowan
Ava Healy
Lena Matczak
Megan O’Shea

Theatre Craft Primary - 9.50-10.05 - Teacher Amanda McCarthy
Shauna O’Rourke
Kate Coffey

Theatre Craft Primary - 10.05-10.20 - Teacher Amanda McCarthy

Keira Barry Sheehan
Sophie O’Connor
Isabella Egar

Theatre Craft Primary - 10.20-10.35 - Teacher Amanda McCarthy
Dara Cassidy
Isabella Egar (sub)
Sophie O’Connor (sub)

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 10.35-10.50 - Teacher Amanda McCarthy

Rebecca Troy
Isabelle O’Doherty
Rachel Lee
Chloe Walsh

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 10.50-11.05 - Teacher Amanda McCarthy

Isabelle O’Riordan
Jennifer Coakley

Ballet Grade 2 - 11.05-11.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty/Karen Walsh
Rachel Twohig
Kristina Crowley
Ali Fitzgerald

Tap Grade Preparatory - 11.20-11.35 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Nia O’Kane
Wiktoria Klosowiak
Oran Murphy

COFFEE  BREAK 11.35-11.45

Tap Grade 1 - 11.45- 12.00 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Juliet Nyhan
Armina Golchin
Romina Golchin

Tap Grade 1 - 12.00-12.15 - Teacher Karen Walsh

Aisling O’Shaughnessy
Meg Hennessy
Ruth Connolly

Tap Grade Primary - 12.15-12.30 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Katie Keohane
Ellie Hussey

Theatre Craft Grade 1 - 12.30-12.45 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Eavan Nolan
Tara McSweeney
Ava Drumm

Theatre Craft Grade 1 - 12.45-1.00 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Katie Keohane
Ellie Hussey

Modern/Jazz Grade 3 - 1.00-1.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Rachel Twohig

Tap Grade 1 - 1.20-1.35 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Ciara Sheehan
Hannah Quill
Sophie Cunningham

LUNCH 1.35-2.05

Ballet Grade 2 - 2.05-2.25 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Jenny Murphy
Rory Collins
Emma Foley

Tap Grade 2 - 2.25-2.45 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Jessie Stanley
Kayme O’Callaghan

Theatre Craft Grade Primary - 2.45-3.00 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Sarah Kearney
Sarah Kenrick
Kayna Curtin

Theatre Craft Grade Primary - 3.00-3.15 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Julie Casey
Abby Condon
Sophie Hartnett

Theatre Craft Grade Primary - 3.15-3.30 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Felix O’Sullivan
Alex Jade O’Connor
Eliza Przygoda

Theatre Craft Grade Primary - 3.30-3.45 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Muirne Griffin
Orlaith O’Donoghue
Saoirse Twomey

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.45-3.50 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Sadhbh McEvoy
Megan Murphy
Eliza Behan
Georgia Lyons
Ellen Murphy

Theatre Craft Grade Preparatory - 3.50-4.05 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Alanna O’Farrell
Megan Sheehan
Natasha Barrett

Theatre Craft Grade Primary - 4.20-4.35 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Aoife Murphy
Eimear Carew
Molly Ross

Tap Grade 2 - 4.35-4.55 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Rachel Twohig
Rory Collins
Nina Drummond

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 4.55-5.10 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Caoimhe Tierney
Paris Tierney
Caroline Casey
Ava Bennett

COFFEE BREAK 5.10-5.20

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 5.20-5.35 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Summer Cronin
Zara Galvin
Caroline Casey (Sub)
Ava Bennett (Sub)

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 5.35-5.50 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Aine Cafferkey
Kim Forrest
Aine Ryan
Cara O’Connell

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 5.50-5.05 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Nadia O’Sullivan
Kim Forrest (Sub)
Grace O’Brien
Rhiannagh Buckley

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 6.05-6.20 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Orna O’Mahony
Kate O’Shea
Aine Ryan (Sub)
Cara O’Connell (Sub)

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 6.20-6.35 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Ellen Cronin
Katie Ross
Rebecca O’Sullivan
Sophie Murphy

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 6.35-6.50 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Leah Towler
Ellie O’Leary
Anabelle O’Brien
Sophie Murphy (Sub)

Theatre Craft Primary - 6.50-7.05 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Emma Kirby
Freya Hayes

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 7.05-7.20 - Teacher Karen Cotter
Laura Dullea
Lucy Wallace
Amelie Quinn

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 7.20-7.35 - Teacher Karen Cotter
Caroline Roche
Aoife O’Halloran
Rebecca O’Connell

Friday 16th December

Ballet Grade 2 - 10.00-10.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Jessie Stanley

Modern/Jazz Grade 3 - 10.20-10.40 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Lara Nolan
Juliet Nyhan

Modern/Jazz Grade 4 -10.40-11.00 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Jenny Murphy
Alison Woods

Modern/Jazz Grade 2 - 11.00-11.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Aisling O’Shaughnessy
Ruth Connolly
Rachel Brooks

Modern/Jazz Grade 2 -11.20-11.40 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Jessie Stanley
Saoirse McLatchie
Lauren Kelly

Ballet Grade 2 - 11.40-12.00 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Aisling O’Mahony
Abigail Murphy

Modern/Jazz Grade 2 - 12.00-12.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Caitlin Mulcahy
Sinead Crowley
Eoin McCaul

Ballet Primary - 12.20-12.35 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Alex O’Connor
Clara Lynch

COFFEE BREAK 12.35-12.50

Ballet Primary - 12.50-1.05 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Eliza Przygoda
Lisa O Connor
Xeleya Anthony

Ballet Primary - 1.05-1.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Eryn Twomey
Orlaith O’Sullivan
Rebecca O’Donovan

Ballet Primary - 1.20-1.35 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Sophie O’Connor
Oran Murphy
Wiktoria Klosowiak

Ballet Preparatory - 1.35-1.50 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Jasmine Walsh
Summer Cronin
Zoe Dennehy

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 1.50-2.05 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Leesha O’Regan
Rebecca Johnson
Eve Gardiner
Deirbhile Quane

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 2.05- 2.10 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Olivia Owen
Elvyra Kriaciune
Ursula Kriaciune
Amelia Murphy
Cali Mullane
Mia Rigney

Ballet Grade 1 - 2.10-2.25 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Louise Walsh
Rachael O’Callaghan

LUNCH 2.25-3.00

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.00-3.05 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Abbie Hackett
Eabha Ni Flatharta
Zoe Treacy

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.05-3.10 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Grace Appelbe
Lily McCarthy Burns
Molly Bannon
Olivia Ryan

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.10-3.15 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Barbara Kelleher
Brooke McDonald
Ciarlin Cotter
Emer Kelly
Emma Fenton
Aoife O’Connor

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.15-3.20 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Freya Kelleher
Indie Hanover
Ruby Forrest

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.20-3.25 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Aoife Ryan
Caitlyn Chandley
Robyn Coleman

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.25-3.30 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Daisy Lawless
Ruby O’Keeffe O’Donovan
Ruby Treacy
Robyn Lynch

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.30-3.35 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Adele Walsh
Heather O’Gorman
Lucy O’Sullivan
Sofia Holohan
Caoimhe McGuinness

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.35-3.40 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Brooke Barrette
Julia Crowley
Khloe Myles
Margaret Crowley
Molly Quill

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.40-3.45 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Ava Coleman
Isabelle O’Sullivan
Katie McCleverty
Millie Michelsen

Turquoise Ballet Rosette - 3.45-3.50 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Clare Murry
Cora Moore
Tara McLauchlan

Ballet Grade 1 - 3.50-4.05 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Isabelle McGarry
Saoirse McLatchie
Zoe Byrne

Ballet Grade 1 - 4.05-4.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Holly Alderson
Ciara Hayes
Lara Nolan

Ballet Grade 1 - 4.20-4.35 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Andrea Kennedy
Ellie O’Donoghue
Rachel Brooks

Ballet Grade 1 - 4.35- 4.50 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Kayme O’Callaghan
Meg Hennessy

COFFEE BREAK 4.35-4.45

Ballet Grade 1 - 4.45-5.00 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Caoimhe DeBrun
Grace Cooke
Meabh O'Halloran

Modern/Jazz Grade 2 - 5.00-5.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Jack O’ Leary
Emma Foley
Rezija Micure Skaista

Theatre Craft Grade Primary – 5.20-5.35 – Teacher Karen Walsh
Abbey Creedon

Saturday 17th December

Tap Grade 3 - 10.40-11.00 - Teacher Karen Walsh
Sinead Crowley

Modern/Jazz Grade 1 - 11.00-11.15 - Teacher Lisa Meany
Ciara Elliott
Ciara Hayes
Meabh O'Halloran

Modern/Jazz Grade 1 - 11.15-11.30 - Teacher Lisa Meany
Armina Golchin
Grace Cooke
Romina Golchin

Modern/Jazz Grade 2 - 11.30-11.50 - Teacher Lisa Meany
Millie Quirke
Síofra Dennehy

Modern/Jazz Grade 3 - 11.50-12.10 - Teacher Lisa Meany
Abigail Murphy
Caoimhe DeBrun

Modern/Jazz Grade 4 - 12.10-12.30 - Teacher Lisa Meany
Ruth Murray
Amy O'Callaghan
Kristina Crowley

Modern/Jazz Grade 4 - 12.30-12.50 - Teacher Lisa Meany
Ruth Murray (Sub)
Hannah Tuohy
Kristina Crowley (Sub)

COFFEE BREAK 12.50-1.05

Turquoise Ballet Rosettes - 1.05-1.10 - Teacher Paula Whitney
Aoife O’Connor
Lillie Chambers
Una Cummins
Lorna Rose Van Der Krogt

Turquoise Ballet Rosettes - 1.10-1.15 - Teacher Emily Compton & Naomi Luttrell

Chloe Crowley
Jodie Murphy
Ruby Higgins
Saoirse Murphy
Ciara O’Mahony
Maisie Desmond

Jill MacSweeney

Ailbhe Mullins

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 1.15-1.30 - Teacher Emily Compton
Emma Coughlan
Katie McElhinney

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 1.30-1.45 - Teacher Emily Compton
Jaime Wallace
Emily Elwood
Abigail Walshe
Alex Foley

Theatre Craft Primary - 1.45-2.00 - Teacher Emily Compton & Amanda McCarthy
Jake Murphy
Chloe Riordan
Niamh Murray

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 2.00-2.15 - Teacher Naomi Luttrell
Jade O’Meara
Ria Sheehan
Kyliece Pablo

Turquoise Ballet Rosettes – 2.15 – 2.20 – Teacher Naomi Luttrell

Kate Cashman
Julie Goggin

Ballet Grade 1 - 2.20-2.35 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Danielle O’Riordan
Emma Murphy
Lauren McSweeney

Theatre Craft Primary - 2.35-2.50 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Katie O’Donovan
Riona Casey
Cara O’Brien

Theatre Craft Primary - 2.50- 3.05 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Clara Lynch
Aoife Twomey
Anna Fitzpatrick

Theatre Craft Primary - 3.05-3.20 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Lisa O’Connor
Oran Murphy
Abbie Long

LUNCH 3.20 – 4.00

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 4.00-4.15 - Teacher Laurie O’Driscoll
Aimee Ryan
Lavinia McCaul
Nell Hennessy

Theatre Craft Primary - 4.15-4.30 - Teacher Laurie O’Driscoll
Lucy Twohig
Holly Spillane
Ellie O’Donovan

Theatre Craft Grade 1 - 4.30 - 4.45 - Teacher Laurie O’Driscoll
Lily Clifton
Aisling Pekoz
Rachel O’Meara

Theatre Craft Grade 1 - 4.45-5.00 - Teacher Laurie O’ Driscoll
Joshia Limansag
Norah Jeffery
Erin Twomey

Theatre Craft Preparatory – 5.00-5.15 - Teacher Laurie O’Driscoll
Ava Thompson
Shayne Limansag
Robyn Bernard

Theatre Craft Preparatory - 5.15-5.30 - Teacher Laurie O’Driscoll
Tara Daly
Julie McGuigan
Lia Crowley

Ballet Grade 2 - 5.30-5.50 - Teacher Sarah Moriarty
Ruth Murray

Theatre Craft Primary – 6.00-6.15 - Teacher Laurie O’Driscoll
Cara McWade
Caitlin O’Callaghan
Ella O’Shea

Turquoise Ballet Rosette – 6.15-6.20 - Teacher Kate O’Meara
Amy O'Connell
Evie Lane
Aisling Walsh
Clodagh Kelleher
Alison Scott
Katie Ann Desmond

COFFEE BREAK 6.20-6.30

Turquoise Ballet Rosette – 6.30-6.35 - Teacher Kate O’Meara
Naoise Geaney
Niamh O'Connor
Lily Barry

Turquoise Ballet Star dance – 6.35-6.40 Teacher Kate O’Meara
Chloe Conroy
Emily Condon
Lauren Manley

Turquoise Ballet Star dance – 6.40-6.45 - Teacher Kate O’Meara
Lauren Tobin
Rebecca Murphy
Aoibhe Finnegan

Turquoise Ballet Star dance – 6.45-6.50 - Teacher Kate O’ Meara
Lily Barry
Lola Barry
Aoife O'Connor
Lia Power

Theatre Craft Preparatory – 6.50 – 7.05 - Teacher Anette Smith
Ines Haida

Sunday 18th December

Gold Medal - 10.10-10.20 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Katie Jones

Gold Medal - 10.20-10.30 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Freya Ward

Gold Medal - 10.30-10.40 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Juliet Nyan

Gold Medal - 10.40-10.50 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
James Carroll

Gold Medal - 10.50-11.00 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Ali Fitzgerald

Gold Medal - 11.00-11.10  -Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Meg Hennessy

COFFEE BREAK 11.10-11.20

Gold Medal - 11.20-11.30 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Fiona Hoare

Gold Medal - 11.30-11.40 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Oisin O’Sullivan

Gold Medal -  11.40-11.50 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Cleo Cashman

Gold Medal - 12.00-12.10 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Holly Alderson

Gold Medal - 12.10-12.20 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Rachel O’Callaghan

LUNCH BREAK 12.20-1.00

Musical Theatre Performers Cert - 1.00-1.30 -Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Aoife Mc Cabe

Musical Theatre Performers Cert -1.30-2.00 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Jack O Leary

Musical Theatre Performers Cert - 2.00-2.30 - Teacher Laurie O Driscoll
Sinead Crowley