Return to Class Guide

RETURN TO CLASS GUIDE – September 2020


We ask that parents / guardians are patient with each other and us so that we can all work together for the benefit of our students and staff as we embark on a new term in September. 


If you or a member of your household has transited or returned from a country or area with elevated incidents of COVID-19 during the past 14 days please DO NOT present yourself for class.

In addition your child should not attend class if they have any of the following symptoms. 

  • A high temperature 

  • A new continuous cough 

  • A loss or change in your sense of smell or taste 

If you, your child or any member of your immediate family have the above symptoms or receive a positive test result for COVID-19, please advise the college by emailing


  • Class times have been reduced to 55 minutes to allow for an additional 10 minutes cleaning between classes and to temperature check all students before they enter the studio. 
  • All class times have been staggered. 
  • The study room in the South Link studio is no longer available and has been converted to an isolation room. 
  • Teachers will wear a visor at all times.
  • Any water bottles, coats etc. left behind will be held for 24 hours and will then be sanitised and donated to charity. 



  • Students should arrive as close to their class start time as possible. Only one parent/ guardian should drop them to the door and where possible other siblings etc. should not queue with them. 
  • The reception area in the South Link studio is currently closed so parents cannot wait within the studio during classes, nor can students arrive early and wait.
  • Parents/guardians must drop and pick-up on time to ensure the smooth running of the schedule.
  • Parents/guardians should maintain social distancing when dropping and collecting their children.
  • Students will be met by the teacher at the entrance to the studio. No student can enter the building without a teacher present. 
  • Parents/guardians and non-students are not allowed to enter the building.
  • We will limit interactions with parents on the door for social distancing purposes, if you have any questions please contact the office.  
  • The reception area in the South Link studio will be used as an ENTRY point only. Students will EXIT through the side door to the right of the building. A one way system now operates throughout the building. 
  • Temperatures (infrared forehead thermometer) will be taken on arrival. If your child’s temperature is above 37.5, they will not be permitted to enter the studio. Students should not present for class if they are feeling unwell.
  • On entering & leaving the studio, students are required to use hand sanitizer which is available in every studio. 
  • Students are permitted a small bag for personal belongings such as dance shoes, hoodie and a water bottle. Any items brought into the studio must fit in the bag. 
  • A one way system will operate in all studios where relevant. 
  • Changing facilities will not be available in any studio.
  • Students should arrive ‘dance ready’ and in their uniform. All students are requested to wear their uniform in class. 
  • Our staff will wear face shields whilst doing arrivals / pick ups and during class. 

  • All teachers and class assistants will have their temperature taken before entering the studio.
  • All teachers and class assistants will wash their hands regularly and between classes.
  • All teachers and class assistants will wear a visor. 
  • All teachers and class assistants will sanitize and disinfect shared services frequently. 



  • We have restricted numbers in many classes. The exact class numbers have been determined by the studio size. 
  • Within each studio, 1 and 2 metre spacing will be marked out on the floors. 
  • Social distancing guidelines as per the Department of Education’s document ‘COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable reopening of Primary and Special Schools’ will be recognised and maintained.
  • Once in the studio students will change into their dance shoes and store their bags. 
  • At the start of each class, we will remind students of all precautions that should be maintained during the class (social distancing, good respiratory hygiene etc.).
  • Time will be allocated for water breaks during class. Students are requested to bring their own bottles of water. No disposable water bottles are allowed. Personalised Montfort water bottles can be purchased here
  • No eating in the studios is allowed. All waste MUST be taken home and cannot be left on the premises or deposited in the bins. 
  • Toilets will be available for students and staff only. Parents / siblings are not permitted to use them. Toilets will be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day.  
  • If during class a student needs assistance from the teacher (is crying, is hurt, is anxious etc.) we will, of course, attend to this student’s needs. However, we will wear a facemask whilst doing so and then will wash both our and their hands after the interaction. 


  • There will be a 10 minute break between classes in order to clean the studio and for the studio to be aired. 
  • Doors and windows will remain open where possible in all studios. 
  • A ‘Classroon Cleaning Checklist’ will be signed and dated after each class in all studios. 
  • Toilets will be checked and cleaned regularly and a ‘Toilet Checklist’ signed and dated. 
  • The South Link studio will be safely sanitized by Ozone at the end of each evening. In addition disinfectant fogging machines will be used regularly in the South Link studio.  


  • The study room in the South Link studio is no longer available. 
  • One way system in all studios where relevant. 
  • Limited interaction on arrival and departure and in hallways and other shared areas. 
  • For those students who are attending multiple classes in the South Ring studio they can only wait for up to a maximum of 30 minutes between classes and must wear a mask. 


Trevor Ryan, Sarah Moriarty, Karen Walsh & Naomi Luttrell are certified COVID Compliance Managers.

All staff have received training in all COVID Response measures.

All staff through their online rolls will keep a log of all classes held to facilitate contact tracing if necessary. 


We look forward to welcoming you all back!